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Working as a ‘Registrar’ during International Audit by Lincoln University College, Malaysia at Sanjiban Hospital, Howrah, India 2020

Received the Prestige of Guest of Honour from The Royal International School, Mecheda, India 2020

Received Honour from BORNO BD, Bangladesh 2020

Received Token of Gratitude & Appreciation by Medstud Education Consultancy, Kuwait 2019

Corporate Meeting in Kuwait 2019

Visited ‘Aspirations Education’ campus in Sri Lanka 2019

Consultant Meet at Durgapur in West Bengal, India 2019

Some Memories Working at Lincoln University College, Malaysia 2019

Collaboration with Chaitanya School of Nursing, Bangalore 2019

Token of Gratitude, Sri Lanka 2019

‘Uganda – India Business Conference’, Kolkata 2019

A Token of Gratitude in the year 2018