About Nurul Hossain

Nurul Hossain was born in the small village of Kafala, Shaluka, East Medinipur. He was born on the 16th of June 1993. He had a very decent and simple lifestyle. After Passing out from HGSBB High School, he got an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Calcutta University and then attained a post-graduation degree in Master of Business Administration-Accounting & Finance from Haldia Institute of Technology.

Nurul Hossain is a young budding professional who has gathered an immense amount of practical knowledge in his core. He is currently holding the position of a REGISTRAR at Sanjiban Hospital from 2018, wherein he handles the Admission and Administration Department, Promotion and Advertisement for the institution (National and International), Conducts Board Meetings, Financial deals and press meet.

He started working from the age of 22 and by the age of 26, he has managed to acclaim the post of Registrar of a medical college hospital and THE VICE-CHAIRMAN of RIIMSS (Management College). He managed to do all these in just 4 years after completing his Masters. To add a crown to his Qualifications, he is currently pursuing a PhD from Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

Nurul Hossain has a very calm and composed nature. Starting from a ground level and achieving so much success in such a short period, he still wishes to aim higher in life. He is very diligent and passionate about his goals and ambitions. He has a zeal to work for the unfortunate portion of the society and to stand beside them who are not accepted by society. He wishes to help the poor and the needy ones. His Ultimate goal is to give back the same what he attains from the society.